Walking along a seashore or riverbank, one can find fragments of pottery which used to be part of a vase or tile. These fragments have washed ashore and sometimes the original patterns remain on their surface. “Washed Pattern” is a guse ars’ project, which recomposes the patterns extracted from fragments of old pottery in order to create new patterns. Reincorporating new patterns into our daily lives through the form of tile, we also looks to the future, when the pattern will once again break into pieces and be washed ashore. This cycle can continue eternally, as it were, as life passes on from generation to generation. What is inscribed on this tile is an immense sequence of patterns which unfold over time and originate from a single fragment.


caiman magul_firtree drape_pedestal arch_armor
hollyolive_osmund crab ripple arabesque
flame_wings leaf bulb fruittree
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